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Alexander Gray
Alexander Gray

WPS Office 2019 Multilingual

added support for:

WPS Office 2019 Multilingual

Download File:

  • languages and dialects: brazilian portuguese, chinese- simplified, czech, danish, dutch, greek, english (australia, austria, canada, colombia, czech republic, germany, hungary, ireland, italy, netherlands, portugal, spain, united kingdom), english (great britain), english (australia), english (canada), english (new zealand), english (south africa), english (united states), english (ireland), english (south africa), english (united kingdom), english (brazil), english (india), english (lithuania), english (philippines), english (mexico), finnish, french, german, italian, norwegian, polish, portuguese (brazil), portuguese (portugal), swedish, spanish, traditional chinese, traditional chinese (taiwan), ukrainian, vietnamese. in "document" mode users can select one of a bilingual document's languages.

  • extensions: microsoft (msn) 360 safe storage, crypto keeper

  • videos: chapters, subtitles

  • files: bookmark, tags, notes, typing

  • folders: bookmarks, tags, notes, typing

  • proofing: bookmark, comments, track changes, undo, highlighting

  • forms: note

  • documents: comments, track changes, undo, highlighting

  • general changes and improvements: general: performance improvements and fixes

  • interface: improvements and fixes

  • menu: improvements and fixes

  • advanced: improvements and fixes

  • cortana: improvements and fixes

  • improvements and fixes: themes, tools, panels, navigation, stability, bug fixes

  • windows terminal improvements: removes the "go out" and "hide current window" buttons in the main window

  • added "toggle zoom" button

  • improved the mouse cursor and made it more responsive

  • added support for the "windows terminal" color theme

  • improved the cursor handling logic

  • made the windows size sensible (e.g. when using separate textarea tabs)

  • added "minimize and hide on [taskbar]" shortcut

  • added "send the current window to full screen" shortcut

  • improved navigation

  • made the windows terminal application window title more visible

  • added the "terminal" and "location" submenus and improved their appearance

  • made the application window dialogs more visible

  • added the "about" context menu and made it more visible

  • added the "close" context menu

  • improved the context menu


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