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Download Imdb Database Dump !NEW!

Legal issues aside, web server operators can also block those who make excessive requests to their servers. IMDB has official data dumps of their database. It's not perfect since some information is missing but it is a good enough starting point for most purposes. Since IMDB makes data dumps available for direct download and is more efficient than scraping, IMDB has every right to block anyone scraping their main website.

Download Imdb Database Dump

Login to your postgresql database and create a new schema to hold the imdb tables (This step is optional. If you do not create this schema, then the tables and the corresponding data gets loaded into the public schema).

Assuming you have already downloaded and unpacked the Neo4j Shell Tools, and restarted the Neo4j Server, as described in the Section Exporting GraphML, you can export the movie database using neo4j-shell with a command like the following one:

If you are new to the pgAdmin interface, you can download the database administration tool from the pgAdmin website. On the top menu bar, you can click on the Download section, select the right package for your operating system and install it.


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