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Genesis - Land Of Confusion (Official Music Video)

While the original one is a bit strange it seems to be about covering the fear of a war between the United States of America and Russia using nuclear weapons at the time. Disturbed's video tells of how the world is being led astray by corrupt politicians and leaders who are being manipulated by a giant obese man who symbolizes greed who seems to be able to control them. The music video shows the world is near an apocalyptic state that the obese giant is happy to lead in his quest for power while a resistance is led seemingly by the same entity who appeared in "The Vengeful One" as the two forces collide with them eventually killing the obese giant.

Genesis - Land Of Confusion (Official Music Video)


"Land of Confusion" is a rock song written by the band Genesis for their 1986 album Invisible Touch. The song was the third track on the album and was the fourth track from the album to become a single, which reached #4 in the US and #14 in the UK in 1987. It made #8 in the Netherlands. The music was written by the band, while the lyrics were written by guitarist Mike Rutherford. The lyrics, further emphasized by the music video (see below), discuss the greed and uncertainty of the Cold War-era 1980s, but evoke a sense of hope for the future. The song is remembered by many Genesis fans because of its video, which featured puppets from the 1980s UK sketch show Spitting Image.

The song is widely remembered for its music video, which had heavy airplay on MTV. The video drew controversy for its portrayal of Ronald Reagan as being physically and cognitively inept. The video features puppets by the British television show Spitting Image. After Phil Collins saw a caricatured version of himself on the show, he commissioned the show's creators, Peter Fluck and Roger Law, to create puppets of the entire band, as well as all the characters in the video.

As the bone begins to fall there is a sudden switch to Collins catching a falling phone which he uses to inform the person on the other end that he "won't be coming home tonight, my generation will put it right" (which is when a caricature of a 1980s Pete Townshend is seen playing a chord on guitar and giving thumbs up for putative mentioning of his own song, My Generation) and on the "we're not just making promises" verse the bone lands (on top of David Bowie and Bob Dylan). Reagan is then shown riding the Monoclonius through the streets while wearing a cowboy hat and wardrobe (a reference to Reagan's down-home public persona and ranch). As the video nears its climax, there are periodic scenes of a large group of spoofed celebrity puppets, including Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Hulk Hogan singing along to the chorus of the song, in a spoof of the charity driven song "We Are the World".

The video, directed by John Lloyd & Jim Yukich and produced by Jon Blair, won the short lived Grammy Award for Best Concept Music Video during the 1988 Grammys. The video was also nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Video of the Year in 1987, but lost to "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel (coincidentally, Genesis' former lead singer). It also made the number-one spot on The Village Voice critic Robert Christgau's top 10 music videos in his year-end "Dean's List" feature, and number three on the equivalent list in his annual survey of music critics, Pazz & Jop (again losing out to "Sledgehammer").

Ronnie and Nancy"Land of Confusion" is a song from Genesis' 1986 album Invisible Touch, written by Mike Rutherford and dealing with the uncertainties of the Cold War in The '80s. The music video for this song is well remembered, because it was maybe the first major music video featuring puppets. Said puppets were made by the creators of the UK-based satirical show Spitting Image, which included puppet caricatures of almost every well-known political figure and celebrity of the '80s. Since the show already had a puppet of Phil Collins made, Phil himself requested the Spitting Image team to make puppets of the other two members of Genesis, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, as well as to re-make his own puppet.

Land of Confusion is a song by the rock band Genisis. A music video based on the song was created featuring puppets by the TV show, Spitting Image. The cover of the single also featured images of Genisus as puppet characters.

This was originally a song by genesis, lyrics by mike rutherford. The song is a message against apathy. During the cold war, there were very high tensions running through all political spectrums. It wasn't just america vs. Russia, it was about the disarmament of all nations and the defiance of many countries like america and russia. This lead to many civil wars like the greek civil war, korean war, vietnam war and the soviet-afghan war. These wars had super power support on different sides.What genesis meant by this song is that people should look more closely at what is going on, and speak out against government injustices. The song alludes to armed revolution, but I believe that the band only used that to make it clear that they were talking about revolution, not armed revolution specifically.Distubed's rendition echoes genesis' original intent, they just updated the musical stylings for a new generation. I believe that distrbed is simply renewing the message, and not creating there own interpretation. The videos do have different focuses though, genesis focuses on the governments unwillingness to compromise and the peoples unwavering trust in it's government. Disturbed focuses on the corruption of government in a capitalist society.Both videos, however are saying that it is the people, that are ultimately responsible for the actions and accountability of their government.

What I think it's about, is that the government has become obsessed with money and power, so they've become corrupt, and have done everything they can to steal money from their people. but the people rebel and give the government no choice but to put them in their place by sending out all those gas mask people. like when I went to the Philippines, the government doesn't care about the poor people, just the rich. and it's simple. rich=richer poor=poverty... it's a land of confusion... 041b061a72


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