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[EXCLUSIVE] Download File Cccam.cfg

I exactly did that !! I went to the Download section of PLi, downloaded & installed CCcam binary and then downloaded & installed the CCcam configuration file ..... edited the CCcam.cfg as per the working one that I already had !! BUT it is NOT working !!

Download File cccam.cfg

However, in actual the CCcam.cfg file is present in /etc folder ..... there is NO folder /var/etc in DM600PVR .... thus I replaced the CCcam.cfg file with my working one in the original folder i.e. /etc ..... because this is the folder where PLi put CCcam.cfg by default; so I guess this is the right place to put this file. ===== CCcam did NOT work .......Moreover, as written in your web site .... Autoroll.key, ...... both these files are not present anywhere in my DM600 ...... shall I copy these files from my DM500 and put them in DM600 ...... ALSO, where shall I put them i.e. in which folder ?? This is because there is already a difference between your web page and the ctual scenario ..... Please guide me and I will do it !!

Now select CCcam,cfg [CCcam Plug] and click the OK button, you should then see a check mark or tick appear, indicating you have selected the file, if there is no tick shown, then you have not selected anything, and nothing will be installed.

Which image are you using ? You need to install CCcam 2.3.0 then using an FTP tool like dreambox control center or filezilla open the CCcam.cfg file that`s in /etc folder and copy/paste/save your line. If there is no CCcam.cfg in /etc after installing CCcam, use the attached file.

Thanks for this I completed this pressing green button and downloading ccam with the hope that upon going into filezilla I would find the CCam and etc file to enter line in however I could not find it which consequently almost made me tear my hair out spending hours. Help much appreciated

Got there in the end. What it was is when I edited via notepad + as master g kindly pointed out and saving line it saved as a text file. What I had to do was save as a .cfg file. This initially was a pain as when you go to save as there is no .cfg option. I had to go into filezilla find the ccam file edited via notepad + and edit that way so it had ccam.cfg then upload it onto box. Got there but being the last stage nearly went grey haired!

Hi, I have Edison on delivery route and I am trying to read/learm as much as I can. basically you are saying locate cccam.cfg to receiver folder/subfolder:ftp,var,ect? do change the file attr in the receiver to 644? because when I right click on PC there is only RO or hidden?I tried to open this file(cccam.cfg) with cccam editor it s blank? no lines?what do edit and paste? where do I get this c line?cheers

Good night can someone help me I put the image openatv-6.1-gb 800se plus-20180309_usb the big problem I can not put CCcam already try etc / tmp enigma2-plugin-softcam-cccam-2.3.0_2.3.0-r1_mipsel. ipk file CCcam.cfg goes in the usr / keys folder nothing thanks

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