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KMS Cleaner 2.2: A Portable and Effective Tool to Delete KMS Activation Traces

What is KMS (KMS Cleaner)2.2?

KMS stands for Key Management Service, which is a technology that allows you to activate Microsoft Windows and Office products without purchasing a license key. It works by creating a local server on your computer that mimics the official Microsoft server and validates your products as genuine.

KMS (KMS Cleaner)2.2

KMS activation is a popular method for users who want to use Windows and Office products for free or for testing purposes. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as requiring periodic reactivation, leaving traces on your system, and exposing you to legal risks.

KMS Cleaner is a tool that helps you remove all traces of KMS activation from your system. It deletes the local server, the registry entries, the scheduled tasks, and the log files that are created by KMS activation. It also restores your system to its original state before you used KMS activation.

KMS Cleaner is a simple, portable, and effective tool that can help you clean up your system after using KMS activation. It can also dcd2dc6462


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