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this is the same as the banana. for the same reasons you eat the banana, you should eat oranges, lemons, and limes. (in fact, most fruits, if taken on an empty stomach will cure a cold.) by the way, there is no studies on this, but my wife has cured a cold for three days by keeping lemons in the refrigerator. why? i'm not sure. maybe because of the vitamin c, but i am sure that the pectin in the fruit helps the system. do you know the old saying? a cold lasts three days, a fever lasts three weeks, and if you don't eat fruits you will end up with life-long diseases.

didi milk honey 720p film

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peanuts also cure a cold. i understand why, because a peanut is a legume and there are a lot of similar compounds found in legumes. peanuts, garden-nuts, seeds, and all legumes are very good for the system. but your body doesn't digest these, but the bacteria in your intestines can ferment the sugars they contain and get the vitamins.

the one in the middle of the chart is wheat germ. it is the best food for our health. if you don't take them, you will have a very bad time. take them, three in the morning, one at noon, and one at six in the evening. you will see results in a day or two.

thanks for all the great advice. i am so glad that i found this site. i had my second attempt at yogurt this week and it turned out great. i used whole milk and a starter from a previous batch of yogurt. i simmered for 10 hours. i will probably try adding in more starter next time. i also used whole milk and it was too thick for me. we will see if it is still ok when it is finished. i will have more to report next week.


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